Dec 7 The Jazzlab

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The Jazzlab Doors 8.00pm Show 9.00pm $30/25 tickets here or at the door

Kon Shes (Aus/Sth Afr/Korea)


Top Shelf, 21st Century, woke jazz, straight out of Melbourne.

Fem Belling brings 5 of Melbourne's finest to a new project where live performance, political prose and the primal magic of music music combine to increase the visibility of women in music in Australia.

Through the power of original, all female Australian jazz and groove, Kon Shes contributes to a larger voice of a social conscious movement through music. 

Deeply rooted in jazz, groove and prose - flavoured with heavy beats.  

Vocals & Electric Violin - Fem Belling

Piano - Mina Yu

Bass - Tamara Murphy

Drums - Jacob Evans

Alto Saxophone - Angela Davis 


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