Dec 2 The Jazzlab

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The Jazzlab Doors 8.00pm Show 8.30pm $20/15 tickets here or at the door

Co-presented with The Melbourne Jazz Co-operative

BASHKA feat Alisha Brooks

Alisha Brooks - Soprano saxophone, EWI, production

Murat Yucel - Electronic soundscapes, beats, loops, vocals, guitars, production

Elf Tranzporter - Emcee, vocals, beatboxing

Iskender Ozan Toprak - Bağlama, vocals, Yaylı Tambur

Matt Stonehouse - Darbuka, Davul and Req

Onur Puza - guitar

Drawing their inspiration from the vast ocean of Turkish music, Melbourne based group Bashka are creating a new genre which slips between east and west with natural ease.
Musically spanning two continents and many centuries Bashka explore the contrast between east and west, composed and improvised, original and traditional, acoustic and digital. The group was created in late 2014 by Alisha Brooks  and Murat Yucel (Unified Gecko, BaroBanda) both of whom have toured extensively throughout Turkey, Europe and Australia. They joined forces with MC ELFTranzporter in 2016 and their live performances are energised with a truly new sound combined with the delicacy of traditional Turkish instruments and master players. Live samples and loops merge seamlessly with ancient acoustic and modern western instruments to create music which brings to life old folk songs, gypsy ballads and dance music from the dirt streets of old Turkey.

BASHKA - Dance music from the dirt streets...

“ - a heady Aussie Eurasian ride and a true international collaboration. Surprisingly, it just might please both Middle Eastern traditionalists and dancefloor fans alike, and that’s quite an impressive accomplishment’ - Seth Jordan, Songlines Magazine UK

there’s definite method in Bashka’s musical madness, with well considered arrangements, permutation of instruments and vocal interludes creating breathing space and dynamics, thus allowing the music to slip between East and West with relative ease”
‘ - Tony Hillier, The Australian

“Exotic and infectiously danceable” -PBS Radio
"...blur the arbitrary borders between ancient and modern musical forms."

Christopher H James - The Music